Our Treattarome® products are 100 percent natural, 'From The Named Food' (FTNF) clear aqueous distillates. Developed using our proprietary technology, the Treattarome® ingredients are distilled at low temperatures over short periods to guarantee maximum flavour entrapment.

These innovative natural products are suitable for numerous applications – from top notes in ready to drink (RTD) and alcoholic beverages, to ice creams and savoury sauces.

The ever-expanding Treattarome® range also includes an array of tea essences in a wide variety of flavours such as delicate green teas, and light iced teas to full-bodied black teas. A selection of coffee Treattaromes® is also offered ranging from light to dark roast flavour profiles.


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Pineapple Treattarome® 

Honey Treattarome

Honey Treattarome® 

Banana Treattarome

Banana Treattarome® 

cucumber Treattarome

Cucumber Treattarome® 

Kiwi Treattarome

Kiwi Treattarome® 


Tea Treattarome

Tea Treattarome® 

coffee Treattarome

Coffee Treattarome® 

watermelon Treattarome

Watermelon Treattarome® 


Product Description
Banana Treattarome 9730
Banana Treattarome 9735
Black Tea Treattarome - Extra 9768
Black Tea Treattarome - Iced 9765
Black Tea Treattarome - Light 9760
Black Tea Treattarome - Brewed 9761
Blueberry Treattarome 9840
Cactus Treattarome
Cantaloupe Treattarome 9726
Cocoa Treattarome - Dark 9900
Coffee Treattarome Full Roast 9780
Cucumber Treattarome 9721
Ginger Treattarome 9745
Green Bell Pepper Treattarome 9723
Green Tea Treattarome 9767
Guanabana Treattarome 9711
Guava Treattarome - Extra 9741
Guava Treattarome 9740
Honey Treattarome 9801
Honey Treattarome 9802
Product Description
Honey Treattarome 9804
Honeydew Treattarome 9729
Jalapeno Treattarome 9816
Mango Treattarome - Extra 9831
Mango Treattarome 9830
Maple Treattarome 9809
Passion Fruit Treattarome 9750
Passion Fruit Treattarome 9755
Pear Treattarome 9870
Pineapple Treattarome 9736
Pumpkin Treattarome 9715
Raspberry Treattarome 9845
Roasted Bell Pepper Treattarome 9810
Strawberry Treattarome 9855
Sugar Treattarome 9805
Sugar Treattarome 9806
Sugar Treattarome 9807
Tomato Treattarome 9725
Watermelon Treattarome - Extra 9728
Watermelon Treattarome 9724