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Over 125 years of experience plus comprehensive technical expertise makes Treatt a leading global supplier of innovative flavour, fragrance and cosmetic ingredients. From essential oils and their natural fractions to the Treattarome® range of 'From the Named Food' (FTNF) natural distillates, we want our flavour and fragrance ingredients to inspire your exciting new products.


Essential oils

Treatt's essential oils are derived from a variety of origins and comprise single fold, rectified, concentrated and terpeneless alternatives.



We have always been known for the quality of our citrus products such as orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit, which impart a natural, zesty flavour and aroma to a number of food, drink and personal care products.



Our Treattarome® products are 100 percent natural, 'From The Named Food' (FTNF) aqueous distillates. Developed using our proprietary technology, the Treattarome® ingredients are distilled at low temperatures over short periods to guarantee maximum flavour entrapment.


Functional ingredients

Our functional ingredient ranges feature Beverage specialties, Fragrance ingredients and Sugar Reduction, including, amongst others, MeritT and TreattSweet™ products.



We offer an extensive selection of chemicals which deliver an authentic aromatic profile to a variety of flavours and fragrances.


Organic oils

Our diverse product range includes organically-certified ingredients for the food and fragrance. These 100 percent organic products are supplied by Treatt through our Earthoil division.