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Treatt is a supplier of ingredients to the flavour and fragrance industry. Treatt's customers include these ingredients as part of a flavour or fragrance that may then be manufactured from a concentrated mixture of hundreds of different ingredients.

The ingredients Treatt manufactures are mainly based on essential oils, which are distilled or blended, aroma chemicals, and a range of Treattarome® From The Named Food (FTNF) natural distillates, are also supplied. Typical products containing a Treatt ingredient could range from air fresheners, cosmetics, shampoos and soaps to soft drinks, confectionery and basic pharmaceutical products. Treatt is a world leader in the supply of essential oils for these uses.

There are hundreds of different essential oils extracted from many different organic materials. Some examples of common oils are peppermint, lime, lavender, orange and eucalyptus. Essential oils have been used as flavour and fragrance ingredients for centuries and their use for this purpose far outweighs other uses such as aromatherapy.

Treatt plc does not manufacture or sell tobacco, nor does it test its manufactured products or its ingredients on animals.


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